Do professionals use Canva?

As a professional that has worked in the industry yes. Just like photoshop and illustrator and all the other adobe products are widely used but knowing how to manage your time with Canva is always a great things for the company your working with and you and your time management. I believe professionals use everything in their power to make there are more efficient and

Do graphic designers use Canva?

Simple answer is yes. I see the biggest company’s using Canva for their online marketing on social media. I normally see canvas templates all over the Internet but you can also take the templates and really make them your own and put your own spin to it and put your own brand story on top of the templates to really make what you want to make happen.

Can I use images in Canva for commercial use ?

when you sign up for camp a pro or if you use Canva  free the fonts the stock images the elements in the video are all commercially licensed for you. That means that you are allowed to use canvas products to make an in product to sell legally.Stock images can get fairly expensive when you’re looking for specific things. So canvas allows you to have a very large variety of stock images, stock video, elements to choose from in order to illuminate the hassle of buying individual licenses.

Is Canva better than photoshop?

now whoa there LOL Canva is one of the most amazing online platforms that I know that I use. But Photoshop and illustrator and the other Adobe products really really are the grandfathers of digital art platforms. Now combining both of these two platforms when I say that you can make the most amazing content that you have ever had I promise you the versatility of both of the platforms together the sky is the limit your art is the limit and you can really make some thing that you’re proud of and that you would love to sell as your art and call your own.

Here is the link to Canva enjoy!

I am a Canva affiliate and I thank you guys for supporting what I do.

Enjoy Creating with great organization lol artist are not the best at it but im here to help you guys!

-Khasi Canva Pro Affiliate

Do professionals use Canva?

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