How to you use Canva effectively?

What really is Canva you ask?

Canva is a digital platform with hundreds of templates you can use to personally use to brand your businesses’ social media platforms and online presence within the web.

Some people ask me,”what can you make with canva??”

This is a loaded question because Canva just does so much it depends if you are a business owner with an e-commerce shop or a graphic business owner.I think both are very important in this digital age we are pushed into in because of the pandemic. If you are a business owner because we are not doing the inperson thing you have to compensate with interesting and branded graphics for your business . If you are a graphic designer you have noticed the fast graphics has taken over and you want to try your hand in templates for more of that sleep coin you could be missing out on having 50 quick custom clients.

Here is what all Canva can do:

“YouTube Video” video recorded*

So out of the template tabs which one is something you’re interested in learning about?

Grab a pen and write down answers to the following 4 questions:

  1. What branded business materials do you need?
  2. Will learning these skills be worth is for my business in the long run?
  3. Will Canva be a good investment for my business?
  4. What can Canva do for my business?

All done? So, I want you to remember the information I went over in the video … Did you need any of these branding items or do  you see the  template potential the platform has as a graphic artist?

What branded business materials do you need? Think about it. If you are a graphic designer that prints your own t-shirts and products and now make a living off of what you do. How did you get from point A(having a product) to point B( making a living from what you do). Your followers/entrepreneur followers would notice your brand quicker with a color coded/branded voice from you. Most e-commerce stores are equip with a website ( for gaining profession trust with customers ) , a Facebook (Striating place for automation posting for and with instagram with creator studio), an Instagram (with Facebook a great way to spread awareness about your brand if your consistent with your posting ) and a Pinterest ( where people run ads cheap and really sell your products ) for a start.

If you don’t know where to even start. You are in the right place!  I will show you the important step by steps to make amazing Branding Content with Canva.

how to you use Canva effectively?

Link to Canva masterclass for navigational video*

Canva makes your branding possibility endless. Let me teach you how to find your direction and produce amazing content.

Using Canva skills are just like any skills, they get easier once you have used it for a while. There are useful shortcuts that can make your job a lot quicker and that’s why I’m here. Let me show you all the shortcuts you can use today.

Give list of shortcuts*

What is key, is that you have to ADD GRAPHIC VALUE to the market in a short amount of time. When you do this you bring in valuable customers and gain social proof and are branded perfectly for brand awareness. Having validation from your customers is amazing for your business.

how can I upload templates to Canva?

Uploading templates are very simple.

Step 1. Download the pdf

Step 2. Click the button link in the pdf

Step 3. Create a user or login to Canva and click “use template”

Step 4. Before you start to edit (MAKE A COPY)

Step 5.  Use your copy to make edits to the template and save the master copy “for later if you mess up or need it later”

Video gif*

So what do you do with what you’ve discovered?

That’s where the Canva Masterclass comes in. You have the business brand vision and I will show you how to take it and turn it into a True Brand Story by giving you the tutorials to get your marketing to income. Dont forget Cana is free!! And I highly encourage you to try out the free plan before you go for the Canva pro plan.

Here is the link to Canva enjoy!

I am a Canva affiliate and I thank you guys for supporting what I do.

I want to be Positioned to Profit! Click here to check out the course:

Can’t wait to work with you loves!

-Khasi Canva Pro Affiliate

How to you use Canva effectively?

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