Is there a free version of Canva? 

Canva is a digital platform with hundreds of templates and yes there is a free version of this platform that work just as well , some artists like me has to try it out before I went all in. As soon as I saw all the possibilities I freaked out and knew the work I would make in the first few months would pay off my bill for the year and the next.

Some people ask me,”Does Canva have free templates??”

Yess way to many to really show you all of them but I will defiantly give it a try in the video below.

Here is what all Canva can do: All of the social media possibilities are not all the ones that they have I believe they put these on the front because people are looking to make these items the most.

“YouTube Video” video recorded*

All done? So, I want you to remember the information I went over in the video … is it worth paying for Canva?? Personally yes. What I make using this platform I pay off fairly quickly. Thats why I love Canva versatility.

The great thing about Canva is that you can do all your templates in the free version BEFORE YOU EVEN PURCHASE!

Steps to making sure your money goes a long way.

  1. Make your templates.
  2. Makes your product pictures.
  3. Settle with a final draft on your templates
  4. Sign up to be a seller on a digital platform( Creative market, Etsy, or have your own website)
  5. After your approved make your marketing content for your branding in your store.
  6. Purchase Canva pro (you can now save your products as a template)
  7. You will have access to 100,000 of new elements and stock photo and video so finalize your design one more time
  8. Add your template share links in your pdf
  9. Sell on your platforms and see your residual income come in.

If you just want to see what the platform looks like before you sign up:

Link to Canva masterclass for navigational video*

Canva makes your template making possibility endless. Let me teach you how to find your direction and produce amazing content.

What are the benefits of Canva pro?

  1. Use of sharing and making templates for your customers
  2. Brand kit to manage your projects
  3. 100,000 of commercially licenses stock video, music, fonts ,photos and, elements

“YouTube Video” what can Canva pro do? video recorded*

So what do you do with what you’ve discovered about Canva pro?

Canva can do quite a lot right even in the free version. As an artist my options are quite unlimited with Canva and other skills like photoshop and illustrator.

That’s where the Canva Masterclass comes in. I will show you exactly how to make an extra stream of income for your design business ,plus show you how to pay off your Canva bill with amazing skills. Dont forget Cana is free!! And I highly encourage you to try out the free plan before you go for the Canva pro plan.

Here is the link to Canva enjoy!

I am a Canva affiliate and I thank you guys for supporting what I do.

I want to be Positioned to Profit! Click here to check out the course:

Can’t wait to work with you loves!

-Khasi Canva Pro Affiliate

Is there a free version of Canva? 

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