What is a brand kit on Canva?

Branding is extremely important to keep organized when you are doing multiple project at one time.

Canva makes that a lot easier for you to manage effectively.

The branding kit comes with the options to add you brand logo, your brand color palette for east access , and branding fonts.

In the brand kit you will also find that you can add custom fonts that you purchases off of platforms like

(Dafont.com, Creative market.com, etc…)

(Please make sure you have purchased the correct license for that font because all the rest of the fonts in Canva are commercially licensed for you to use for end products so be careful)

When you add your color palette in the brand kit when you are making your content you can access the colors (when you click the color wheel button)

If you just want to see what the platform looks like before you sign up:

Link to YouTube video*

Here is the link to Canva enjoy!


I am a Canva affiliate and I thank you guys for supporting what I do.

Enjoy Creating with great organization lol artist are not the best at it but im here to help you guys!

-Khasi Canva Pro Affiliate

What is a brand kit on Canva?

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