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I can not design in my sleep….( I wish I could! )

but I want to reach more customers and make more sales

As a graphic designer we do nonstop social media marketing to promote our business’s.

How do we make passive income while doing normal custom work for clients? ……….Numerous opportunities exist for anyone with graphic design skills to start a new side hustle and make money in today’s world.

A side hustle or an extra stream of income is a necessity these days. It is essential to keep up with all the responsibilities one has to bear and a vital step for your journey to wealth. But what are the best side gigs to start?

The answer is: there is no one-size-fits-all. What may be excellent for you might be terrible for your friend. The list of creative passive income ideas is endless.

However, the best side hustles allow you to make good money until you can scale them to replace your day job if you wish.

In your journey to wealth or financial stability, you’ll need a mix of income streams. In that mix, you will need some avenues to make passive money.

The reason is apparent: You cannot be everywhere, doing everything by yourself, at the same time; there’s a limit to what only you can do.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to make passive income selling Canva templates. This can be a really fantastic extra source of income to add to your multiple income stream mix.

The best part is: it will not require so much input once you’re past the initial setup, which is amazing.

So, What Is Canva?

It’s only fair to those who don’t know what Canva is that we begin here.

Canva is an online graphic design platform that you can use to design just about anything. You can use it to make anything from social media graphics, to blog post graphics to website templates, to your logo, business cards, company document templates, ebooks templates and ebook cover designs, and more.

So long it has to do with still graphics, Canva can do it…

Canva also does animated graphics, but the functionality is very basic and cannot do some of the most advanced stuff you’ll be looking to some other platforms to get.

If you plan on taking advantage of Canva as an income stream, you should focus on things that are selling. For example, many people spend time on Instagram. You can learn how to create editable Instagram post and implement it using Canva. When you do, you already have a temple you can sell.

At this point, you’re probably asking, “So, how can I make money on Canva?”

What sets Canva apart from the other design tools, such as Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, is that even design dummies can use it to whip up an excellent graphic. The tool was designed with the average person who doesn’t know much about graphic design in mind. It comes with millions of templates that can be customized to your taste and needs.

But those templates have to be designed by someone….

This is where you come in.

The templates that these design novices customize to suit their needs are designed by graphic designers.

So, in a nutshell, you make money by designing a graphic template on Canva, selling it to people who need it using different platforms, including your blog, and promoting the product on social media to get people’s eyes on it.

This, however, is the simplified version of the answer. I’ll get into the details shortly…

If you have been thinking of how to make extra money as an up designer, this is one of the routes you can take. You can check out my passive income course for graphic designers to get more.

Let me answer a few questions that typically come up before proceeding.

Who Can Make Money Selling Templates on Canva?

The answer is anybody with any scale of graphic design skills. Anybody can make money on Canva. You don’t need to be super fantastic at designs.  However, you will need to have some basic design skills and knowledge of design principles. It’s a pre-requisite. There’s no other way.

I have the best online course for beginners in Canva graphic design email masterclass to learn if you are really interested. I believe selling on Canva will help you, so I encourage you to go for the courses if you are a novice in this area.

This is among the excellent passive income ideas for designers 2021, but it can be for anyone who also has an interest and is willing to learn the basics, at least.

Besides having design skills, you will have to be subscribed to Canva’s Pro version to be able to sell your Canva templates. This is the second requirement. The pro version has several essential features that are crucial to your business and success. But two stands out the most.

The first is that it gives you access to more than two million free stock photos that you can use in your designs. The second, and most crucial feature, is that it gives you the ability to share your designs. This feature is alien to free users. If you cannot share your designs, you cannot sell them.

Luckily, Canva gives you 30 days to try their Pro version for free. It is good enough for a start. If you do it right, you might even make some money using the free version.

How Much Can I Make Selling Canva Templates?

Of course, no one will jump into a business without knowing what their income potential is. So, this is a legitimate question.

There are people making about $2,500 monthly (and more), and there are those earning much less.

The simple answer to this question is that your earning potential depends on three vital factors that you control. They are the quality of your products, your promotion and marketing, and your pricing.

Since people can design their own graphics on Canva for free, you’d have to have really great products to make sales. They don’t have to be out of this world, anyway; they just have to be unique and useful enough people are willing to pay for them.

Next is your pricing. If you opt for higher prices than the average, you might get fewer sales. Lower prices typically result in more sales. The money you make from your higher prices might make up for the lack of many sales. The same goes for lower prices. If you make a large enough number of sales, you might make up for your low prices. But everything boils down to the last factor: Promotion and Marketing.

The templates are just products, and products do not sell themselves; people and marketing do. Whether you make a sale depends on how well you market your products. If your marketing is poor, expect little to no sales. If it is good, expect more sales, provided the other conditions are met.

You’d have to do your promotion and marketing to see anything come out. Luckily, these days, almost anybody can do a decent job when it comes to marketing and promoting something online, thanks to social media networks.

As part of your marketing, you can offer different free resources and printables. For example, you can target the weight loss niche and offer them printable diet cards or templates or anything related to that.

Let’s now get into the nitty-gritty….

Step-By-Step On How To Make Money Selling Canva Templates

To make money selling templates on Canva, you will have to follow these steps.

  • Sign up for Canva Pro to access the features we spoke of earlier.
  • Create your design on Canva. If you don’t already know how to, you should learn how to make Canva templates.
  • Get the shareable link to the template. This link will grant your buyers access to the template and enable them to make a copy instead of editing the master.
  • Create a PDF using Canva. Insert the link from above into the PDF and add other details such as your business information, and more.
  • Sell the template on your blog or other platforms such as Etsy and Creative Market.
  • Promote the template using different social media channels, such as Pinterest and Instagram. These are some of the best social media platforms to promote your templates to your potential buyers. The reason for this is that these two platforms focus on visuals and your audience, most of whom are non-graphic design experts, are on these platforms. You can also promote it to your list if you have one or can create one.

If you choose to sell your templates on your blog, you will have to create a shop where you will display the PDF’s with the links. You can install Woocommerce for this if your blog runs on WordPress.

If you are looking to learn this graphic design income idea or have a business you are looking to start, I have created a course to help you.

The course will help you channel your graphic experience and talents to create the best templates business. Together with the knowledge, I offer a Canva course for graphic designers to help you step by step with your business model and templates set up. So don’t fail to get your free navigational mini class of the platform before you purchase my course.

As a graphic designer looking for some extra bucks coming in consistently can be amazing for your design business, selling templates on Canva can be your next business or extra stream of income. If you set it up to run well, it can be a source of passive income or, at least, require little input from you.

It’s a pretty lucrative business too

…if you make digital products but are having a tough time selling them? check out my guide to……

With Love- Khas

How to Make Passive Income selling Canva Templates

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